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Buy, track, and manage incentives at scale with ease. Reward recipients with your choice of gift cards, Visa® cards, money, and more.

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Easy ordering and powerful insights

The Rewards Platform

Bulk Ordering

Send rewards in real time by spreadsheet upload, API integration or leveraging out-of-the-box integrations with popular tools such as email, Slack, SurveyGizmo and more.

Actionable History

Search previously issued rewards and take administrative actions (e.g. resend, cancel, retrieve order receipts, etc.). Our dashboard makes customer support, compliance and fraud prevention a breeze.

Reports and Audits

Track spending patterns over time on an organizational, team member and recipient basis for accounting and tax compliance purposes. Export detailed CSV reports on-demand within the Tremendous dashboard.

Rewards which recipients love

Delivered on demand with custom branding and a flexible catalog suited to the specific needs of your recipients.

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Connect with the Tremendous API to automate the delivery of rewards and incentives within your application

python ruby node

from tremendous import Tremendous

env = ""
client = Tremendous("[ACCESS_TOKEN]", env)

  "funding_source_id": "[FUNDING_SOURCE_ID]",
  "rewards": [
      "amount": 40,
      "message": "Thank you for participating in our study!",
      "recipient": {
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "name": "Mary Smith"

Tremendous has made rewarding our user research subjects so simple. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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Boosted employee morale and delivered on their core cultural values with their peer to peer bonus program.

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Incentivizes their volunteer network to assist in necessary bicycle supply operations across locations.

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